Why engage a Client-Side Representative?

Blog by: Michelle Makey – Novacon Consulting

Rising prices, critical shortage of materials, no fixed price contracts, escalation and COVID19 clauses and a huge surge in building consents are just some of the issues facing clients looking to build in today’s construction industry. This is when investing in a Client-Side Representative (CSR) will be the best cost cutting strategy you could undertake for your project. With their experience, knowledge, contacts and expertise a CSR is able to save costs at every stage of the build project.

The CSR will be an extension of you! Ensuring your priorities, objectives and needs are always put first from conception to moving in. Understanding that you do not have the time or experience to be attending various meetings, preparing documents, talking to suppliers and contractors, dealing with council, checking quotes, comparing actuals, resolving problems and disputes. But always comprehending that providing you with effective, timely communication is vitally important.

Concept and Planning
Striking a balance between creating your dream and not blowing your budget is why a CSR should be involved right at the beginning. With their knowledge of building code and regulations, council restrictions and allowances together with technological advances in construction they will be able to provide expert advice on your concept. Leveraging the CSR’s extensive network of contacts, they will be able to find an architect that best aligns with your objectives and needs. A surveyor, engineer and Geotech will also need to be considered. The CSR can even be involved in finding the right piece of land or property that meets your requirements and budget.

Council Consents
With the huge number of consents being processed by council and the consequential delays, it is imperative that your submission has all the necessary and correct information in the hopes of limiting the number of RFI’s (Request for Information) the council returns. This is where the CRS’s knowledge, experience and expertise are invaluable.

Contractors, Tenders and Quotes
At this stage the Client-Side Representative will, with consideration to your budget, timeframe and quality of finish you require, find the right contractor to complete the build. This will involve analysing proposals, contracts, materials to be used and after build warranties/guarantees. The CSR will check references and past builds and put forward to you, the client, their recommendation on main contractor.

During Construction
The CSR will monitor progress and ensure that everything is going according to the project plan. They will ensure that the construction site follows all government COVID19 guidelines and the work being completed is of a competent standard. The CSR will be onsite for council inspections and guide the inspectors around the construction site. Identifying issues and mitigating them before they arise is the strength of an experienced CSR.

After Construction
Even when the construction is completed, the CSR must ensure that the final product meets all of your needs and requirements. They must compile all the important certificates/paperwork from suppliers, electricians, gas fitters, insurers and council, correctly filing copies for their records. Then present originals to you to retain.

Any construction project from a simple renovation to a completely new structure or a building fitout is a complex process that should be entrusted to an expert. Mistakes can be expensive – overpriced materials, not monitoring labour costs, contract penalties and delays. If you hire a Novacon Client-Side Representative we can use our extensive knowledge and experience to assemble an outstanding project team that will ensure the successful completion of your project with the minimal amount of disruption and stress to you the client.